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the most beautiful routes through the unesco world heritage hills

The white truffle of Alba, hazelnuts, Barolo and Barbaresco:  typical products that the Langhe is famous for.
This guide takes you on a journey through the beautiful landscape of the Langhe and shares
with you its traditions, legends, food and wine. Not to forget its people, that live and breathe
the Slow Food philosophy on the intricate relationship between man, land and food.

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In the mid-1990s, a Dutch woman in love with life, drove through the hills near La Morra when she stopped to marvel at the amazing landscape: gentle sloping hills with the Alps looming in the background, immense, with lots of sky and a few clouds. Colours. Silence. In two words: peace and beauty. In just one: Langhe. 

It happens in that moment: Rosalinde’s heart now belongs to this land. And love, as you know, can also translate into a book. Rosalinde proposes seven routes through the Langhe: the Braidese, the Langhe Albese, Barolo, Barbaresco, the Langhe Cebane and Monregalesi, the Balcony of the Langhe and the Southern Langhe. 

In this guide, beautifully illustrated with Giampiero Murialdo’s photographs, you find everything that the local people, with their century old traditions, have to give. There are the beautiful places, towns and villages - from Bra to Barolo, Alba to Dogliani and many more. We marvel at the landscape with a view towards the highest Piedmontese mountains, and travel along the salt routes. You will get to know the village markets, from the simplest to the greatest, and visit the best fairs and festivals in the area: from culinary events, to antiques markets and religious celebrations. 

And then there is the other great protagonist of the territory, the cuisine. From the famous Alba truffle to the best wines in the world - amongst them the king and queen Barolo and Barbaresco, to the art creating unique local dishes from the vegetable patch in the back garden. This book is a hymn to slow living, to drinking with taste, to travelling with care and respect... The Langhe, simply a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Rosalinde Klein Woolthuis

Murialdo Giampiero

Giampiero Murialdo nato a Mondovì nel 1954, ex medico radiologo, si diletta da sempre di fotografia naturalistica e paesaggistica. 

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